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The Home Internationals

The Home Internationals are annual competitions between England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
There are 3 separate competitions:

JHI - Juniors (M/W14,16,18)
SHI - Seniors (M/W20 and M/W21)
VHI - Veterans (M/W35+)

The format is an Individual event on a Saturday, followed by Relays on the Sunday.

Eligibility for the Welsh Orienteering Teams shall be:

EITHER (a) by birth - either self or one parent born in Wales;
       OR (b) by residence - at least one year's current permanent residence in Wales;
       OR (c) by eligibility - represented Wales in previous three years (Seniors only);
AND     (d) membership of the Association in order to qualify for grant aid.

Where possible, event details and results will be published on the adjoining pages. However, the information is always very limited and the team positions are rarely published by the hosting club.